You can find on this page the Beijing (Peking) tram map to print and to download in PDF. The Beijing (Peking) trams map presents the network, zones, stations and different lines of the tramway of Beijing (Peking) in China.

Beijing (Peking) tramway map

Map of Beijing (Peking) trams

The Beijing (Peking) tram map shows all the stations and lines of the Beijing (Peking) tramways. This tramway map of Beijing (Peking) will allow you to easily plan your routes in the trams of Beijing (Peking) in China. The Beijing (Peking) tram map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

In the capital Beijing (Peking), the first line of another new tram system started operation, the so-called Yizhuang Tram as you can see in Beijing (Peking) tram map. In Guangzhou (Canton), the line of the Huangpu Tram was extended. As a consequence, the total length of all metro systems in China combined comprises 5,850 km in 30 cities, plus another 550 km of tram lines in 20 cities as well as various systems which use some other technical solutions, some of which are referred to as light rail and resemble different types of level-free guided rail systems, but also monorails or even individual trackless track-guided systems on a smaller scale. In addition, it should be mentioned that the distinction between metro systems and suburban railways, which often resemble suburban railways of European design, is not always clear-cut in some cases. It is undoubtedly also noteworthy that in the territory of today People Republic of China, metro systems existed in only five location and tram systems in only three before 2004.

The 亦庄T1线 YIZHUANG T1 Beijing (Peking) tram line (往定海园 Towards Dinghai Yuan) has 14 stations departing from 屈庄 Qu Zhuang and ending in 定海园 Dinghai Yuan. 亦庄T1线 YIZHUANG T1 line tram time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 6:00 AM and ends at 10:00 PM as its shown in Beijing (Peking) tram map. Operating days this week: everyday. 北京公交有轨电车有限公司 亦庄T1线 YIZHUANG T1 LINE (往定海园 Towards Dinghai Yuan) prices may change based on several factors.

This January, just four years starting operations, Tram Line 1 in the southern city of Zhuhai officially suspended services. The line was recording fewer than 3,000 passenger journeys per day and its per-kilometer daily ridership was less than one-twentieth of planners expected figure. At a May hearing, only one of the 16 specially appointed panel members voted in favor of preserving the streetcar. It is now set to be the first — though possibly not the last — reform-era tram project to be dismantled in China. China first tramline opened in Beijing (Peking) in 1899 as its mentioned in Beijing (Peking) tram map. In the ensuing years, trams appeared on the streets of major cities across the country, including Tianjin, Shanghai, Fushun, and Dalian. Their high fare prices and slow speeds, however, gradually alienated riders.