You can find on this page the Beijing (Peking) bike map to print and to download in PDF. The Beijing (Peking) bicycle map presents the bike routes and lanes of Beijing (Peking) in China.

Beijing (Peking) bike lane map

Map of Beijing (Peking) bike lanes

The Beijing (Peking) bike lane map shows all the bike routes of Beijing (Peking). This bicycles lanes map of Beijing (Peking) will allow you to easily plan your routes with a bike in Beijing (Peking) in China. The Beijing (Peking) bike lanes map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Cyclist Liu Jingming rode for 30 minutes along the first bicycle-only road in Beijing (Peking), which opened on Friday morning, and said that it was "safe and beautiful". The 6.5-kilometer road is expected to ease traffic congestion in the area between Huilongguan, a densely populated community in the northern part of the city, and Shangdi, where a large number of high-tech companies are located. According to the Beijing (Peking) Municipal Commission of Transport, there are three lanes, including a reversible lane, on the 6-meter-wide road as you can see in Beijing (Peking) bike lane map. Conveyor belts for bikes and other power assisting devices are installed at the six entrances and exits of the road, which can help commuters save energy when going up and ensuring safety when going down.

Beijing (Peking) has many designated lanes for bicycles. However, cars are increasingly encroaching on them, and they are often crowded with parked cars. Beijing (Peking) has over 1.9 million shared bikes, and over 1,014 kilometers of lanes for cyclists and pedestrians as its shown in Beijing (Peking) bike lane map. By 2020, the figure will reach 3,200 km, according to the commission. If you are fond of Chinese temples and culture, this route is suitable for you. You can learn about the sacrificial culture and see many local people doing exercises in the Temple of Heaven then follow this Beijing (Peking) route: the Temple of Heaven – the Lama Temple – the Temple of Confucius – the Imperial College – the Temple of Earth.

The layout of Beijing (Peking) is symmetrical from east to west. Many important buildings are located on the central axis. On this central axis, you can discover old Beijing (Peking) by visiting the old buildings there. You can pay a visit to the Temple of Heaven where emperors held sacrificial ceremonies in ancient times. Then cycle to Qianmen, which is very famous for its shopping streets. You will pass through the Forbidden City, which was home to more than 20 emperors. Finally, you can go to Jingshan Park to relax and get a full view of the Forbidden City. The bike lane route as its mentioned in Beijing (Peking) bike lane map: Beihai Park – Nanluogu Lane – Shichahai: is a very easy cycling route and does not take much physical effort. Beihai Park was a royal garden in the past. Ride around Beihai Park and appreciate the beautiful scenery. After that, go to Nanluogu Lane. It is an old hutong and lined with many local snack vendors and shops. Then cycle to Shichahai. Shichahai is a big lake composed of Qianhai (“Front Sea”), Houhai (“Rear Sea”), and Xihai (“West Sea”). There is a bar street in Houhai. If you are tired, it is a good choice to have a rest in a quiet bar and have some drinks.