You can find on this page the Beijing (Peking) zipcodes map to print and to download in PDF. The Beijing (Peking) zip code map presents postal codes, address lookup and code list of Beijing (Peking) in China.

Beijing (Peking) postcodes map

Map of Beijing (Peking) zip codes

The Beijing (Peking) postcodes map shows all the zip codes of Beijing (Peking). This zip code map of Beijing (Peking) will allow you to easily find postal codes and address lookup of Beijing (Peking) in China. The Beijing (Peking) postcode map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

China Code os the Chinese Telephone Code Plan. Land lines and mobile phones follow different systems: land lines use area codes, while mobile phones do not. China country code is 86. Each Chinese city has its own area code. Beijing (Peking) postcodes map below is a list of the area code for major cities. Beijing (Peking) postcodes are a numeric six-digit system for the whole country. The first two digits indicate the province, province-equivalent municipality, or autonomous region; The third digit shows the postal zone; the fourth digit shows the prefectures or prefecture-level city; the last two digits indicates the delivery post office.

It is necessary to mention the postcode while you send a letter or a parcel via the China postal system. The postcode numbers literally route the post you send through the geography of China to the address given in Xicheng District, Beijing (Peking) City. In fact the actual address is read only at the final post office where they do the final sorting for delivery as its mentioned in Beijing (Peking) postcodes map. Thus Postal or PIN code helps post offices to speed up the sorting and delivery of mails. Postcode is also otherwise called as Zip Code or PIN code (Postal Index Number).

Zip code or Postcode is needed no matter you want to send post cards, letter and parcel from your countries to China or from China to your countries. Learn more details about Postal Service. In Beijing (Peking) postcodes map below is listed the postcode of the main tourist cities and counties and there are more specific number of different districts, streets and post offices for the last two digitals. For example, the postcode of Beijing (Peking) is 100000, and the specific postcode of its Shunyi District is 101300. Normally, the detailed district and street postcode is not necessary.