You can find on this page the Beijing (Peking) neighborhood map to print and to download in PDF. The Beijing (Peking) districts map presents quarters, region, suburbs and surrounding area of Beijing (Peking) in China.

Beijing (Peking) neighborhoods map

Map of Beijing (Peking) neighborhoods

The Beijing (Peking) neighborhoods map shows region and suburbs of Beijing (Peking) areas. This neighborhood map of Beijing (Peking) will allow you to discover quarters and surrounding area of Beijing (Peking) in China. The Beijing (Peking) quarters map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Gulou, this hip neighbourhood around the Drum and Bell Towers has retained its original Beijing (Peking) charm; streets here are mainly hutongs (narrow alleyways) lined with shops and watering holes. Beautiful by day or night, there is an array of bars, restaurants and live-music venues to keep you busy. Dada and Temple are popular nightlife spots on Gulou East Street as you can see in Beijing (Peking) neighborhoods map, while the original location of craft-beer pioneers Great Leap Brewing is found deep in the hutongs. Wudaokou houses most of the city universities, meaning the area is predominantly home to local and international students. Tsinghua University is known for its picturesque campus, while a few subway stops away you will find the Summer Palace and Yuanming Yuan (Old Summer Palace). Both palaces boast beautiful architecture and gardens to explore on a clear, sunny day.

A little bit of suburbia in a chaotic city, Shunyi is the townhouse village of Beijing (Peking), surrounded by international schools and the villas of the families whose children attend them. This demographic make-up lends the northern suburb an international vibe and a sense of community. As such, the neighborhood is full of international supermarkets and restaurants. The Central Business District as its shown in Beijing (Peking) neighborhoods map is the very definition of ‘urban jungle’, but it’s also the best place in the city to admire modern architecture, such as the CCTV Headquarters, lovingly nicknamed ‘big boxer shorts’ for its unusual shape. Sanlitun is one of the central districts in Beijing (Peking) and the epicentre of upscale nightlife and shopping. This fashionable neighbourhood has an abundance of eateries, from trendy cafés to fine-dining restaurants. Nali Patio features a collection of bars and restaurants, including La Social, a bar with a Latin twist, and Bottega, an authentic Italian pizza restaurant.

Northeast Beijing (Peking) Lido is popular with expat families due to its location between Shunyi and central Beijing (Peking). The neighborhood has a community feel and is a comfortable place to stay, with plenty of expat-friendly amenities. You will want to visit the area to check out 798 Art District as its mentioned in Beijing (Peking) neighborhoods map. Spend a day exploring the dozens of galleries before grabbing a refreshment at Café Flatwhite. Slightly north of 798, Caochangdi art village offers a less commercial experience, with the Ai Weiwei-designed Three Shadows Photography Art Center being a standout. If you are hungry, check out Green Cow City Café, an under-the-radar local favourite – its ricotta pancakes alone are worth the visit. Afterward, shop at Indigo Mall and grab a cocktail at the adjoining East Hotel Xian Bar.

Beijing (Peking) districts map

Map of Beijing (Peking) districts

The Beijing (Peking) districts map shows all quarters and suburbs of Beijing (Peking). This district map of Beijing (Peking) will allow you to discover areas and the region of Beijing (Peking) in China. The Beijing (Peking) districts map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Beijing (Peking) is divided into 16 districts as you can see in Beijing (Peking) districts map, namely Dongcheng (东城), Xicheng (西城), Chaoyang (朝阳), Fengtai (丰台), Shijingshan (石景山), Haidian (海淀), Mentougou (门头沟), Fangshan (房山), Tongzhou (通州), Shunyi (顺义), Changping (昌平), Daxing (大兴), Huairou (怀柔), Pinggu (平谷), Miyun (密云) and Yanqing (延庆). Dongcheng District, with a total area of 41.84 square kilometers, is located in the eastern part of Beijing (Peking) central urban area, bordering Chaoyang District in the east and north, Fengtai District in the south, and Xicheng District in the west. Dongcheng District is the area with the densest cultural and history relics and monuments in Beijing (Peking). Xicheng District (50.7km²) is located in the west of the central area of Beijing, just next to Dongcheng District. It borders Haidian and Fengtai. There are many scenic spots in Xicheng District, such as Great Hall of the People, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Yuetan Park, Taoranting Park, Beijing Grand View Garden, etc. Haidian District is located in the west and northwest of Beijing (Peking) urban area, covering an area of 430.8 square kilometers. Haidian District is a place many Chinese students yearn for because it is home to several top-ranking universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, etc.

Chaoyang District lies in the east of Beijing (Peking). With an area of 470.8km², it is the largest district in downtown Beijing (Peking). Chaoyang District is probably the most suitable place to see a modern Beijing (Peking). The renowned CBD, a large number of foreign embassies, the fashion life landmark Sanlitun, and upscale residential quarters have made Chaoyang a hot spot for celebrities to get together. Fengtai District (305.87km²) is in the south of Beijing (Peking), bordering Chaoyang District in the east, Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Haidian District and Shijingshan District in the north, Mentougou District in the northwest, Fangshan District in the southwest and Daxing District in the southeast as its shown in Beijing (Peking) districts map. Shijingshan district is in the west part of Beijing (Peking), only 15km from Tiananmen Square. Though small in area (84.38km²), it is the district with the most abundant forest resources, the highest green coverage rate and the highest per capita public green space in Beijing (Peking).

Changping District locates in the northwest of Beijing (Peking) and spans a vast area of 1352km². It has a history of more than 2,000 years since being set up as a county in the Western Han Dynasty (202 B.C. – A.D. 8). Huairou District (2122.6km²) is at the southern foot of Yanshan Mountain, northeastern Beijing (Peking). It borders Miyun District in the east, Shunyi District and Changping District in the south, Yanqing District in the West and Hebei Province in the north as its mentioned in Beijing (Peking) districts map. Yanqing District (1993.75km²) is located in the northwestern part of Beijing (Peking), adjacent to Huairou District in the East and Changping District in the south. It is known as the "Summer Capital" of Beijing (Peking) because it is usually much cooler than Beijing downtown in summer. Miyun District is located in the northeastern part of Beijing (Peking), on the border of where the Yanshan Mountains and the North China Plain meet. It is a major gateway to Inner Mongolia and Northeast China, which shows the importance of Miyun in the history of China. So it is not surprising to know that there is another section of the Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall.